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Old Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingBlogging. Tweeting. Liking. Circles. Followers.

These are all part of the new Social Media vocabulary and the online conversation going on about your company and brand.

By now, it’s likely that your marketing team has attempted to create a brand identity and/or market your brand within social media. With the ease of access to the largest audience available since network television, it may seem simple to leverage these resources at first, but can quickly become overwhelming.  If this scenario sounds familiar to you, we pose four questions:

1. What are you doing with this branded social identity you’ve worked so hard to create?
2. What is it doing for you?
3. Has all of the above activity raised your Search Engine Ranking within Google?
4. Are your social media channels working to extend, amplify, and protect your brand?

IP’s team of experts has been playing in the social media sandbox since the beginning. We understand that Social Media touches more than online conversations. It impacts your SEO efforts, your online PR and ultimately the experience your existing and potential customers have with your business.

We have carved out the social identity for small and major brands alike – consulting with them to identify, create and position their branded assets via social media and search – and all the while, integrating social into the whole of their overall business plan. Through this process, we offer the services below so our clients get exactly the right level of support for their particular needs.

Each of our services listed below are 100% customized for your company, and each product follows the Paid | Earned | Owned | Shared | Searched model of social media optimization.

Services We Offer:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Integrated Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Community Management (Blog: Evolution Of A Community Manager)
  • Social Channel Health Analysis
  • Social Media Content Calendar Creation
  • Blogger and Influencer Outreach
  • Custom Facebook Apps and Promotions
  • Social Media Advertising Management
  • Project Management & Consulting
  • Enterprise Social Media Setup
  • In-depth Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Reporting (across all social media channels)
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Competitor Social Channel Analysis
  • Integrating SEO into Social Media Content
  • Crisis Management Services
  • Customer Service Social Media Training Programs
  • Online Reputation Management

We pride ourselves on our passion for your business. Are you ready to take the next step toward social media success? Call us, request a call or contact us today.

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