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Social Media Marketing Campaign

Real social media marketing goes beyond likes and retweets.

An Intrapromote Social Media Marketing Campaign is a proven offering for brands of all shapes and size that are looking to increase their online impact.

Each campaign begins with a Social Media Audit and from that audit a viable strategy is drawn out for your company. Intrapromote will begin implementing best practices Social Media at the start of the campaign, refining activities as we audit your company and industry. Success points (KPIs) will be defined to meet your defined business goals and Intrapromote will provide a monthly report against those KPIs.

The social media campaign (just like social media itself) is designed to be dynamic, allowing for platform changes, social trends, and user performance differences that inevitably pop up along the way.

Below are the Core Elements of an Intrapromote Social Media Marketing Campaign. Explore the various elements to learn more about how they work in conjunction with each other:

Core Elements Of A Social Media Campaign










Additional Campaign Elements

Social Public Relations

Our Social Media PR services cover all of your brand image needs beyond the everyday content and community management of a base social media campaign. Whether you’re in the middle of a serious community crisis, or just want to prevent one, Intrapromote has guided some of world’s highest profile brands out of the social media danger zone expertly.

Social Promotions

Intrapromote offers a full portfolio of promotion offerings to our clients; referral contests to Twitter chats, coordinated Google+ Hangouts to photo contests, we have built brands from the ground up on social media using our social promotion expertise. Promotions can be included in your social media campaign package, or as a stand-alone service to make a large impact when you need it now.

Social Advertising

Intrapromote’s team of social advertising experts remains at the leading edge of social advertising optimization and performance. With a top focus on conversions, not clicks, your advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will outperform your expectations, guaranteed. Intrapromote also offers advertising management and consulting within the scope of our social media campaigns.

Location Services

Location services are quickly, and quietly, becoming a oft-ignored aspect of any thorough social media strategy. Intrapromote’s location services includes consolidation of existing, outdated social media assets into a parent/child framework, Facebook locations creation and management, Foursquare locations management, Yelp locations monitoring, locations optimization across all platforms, and finally Google+ Local creation, management, and optimization.