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Optimized Press Releases

Enhance Link Equity Through Optimized Press Releases

There’s a lot more to just writing a generic press release and putting it on the wire.  Optimized press release writing and syndication is a powerful Search service that offers both search engine optimization and link development benefits.

Intrapromote content writers and search specialists will ask strategic questions and work with your team to extract news from the day-to-day events at your company. Working in tandem with the SEO team assigned to your campaign, our specialists write, optimize, distribute and track each optimized press release. We understand how to best harness Pagerank and how to target the right media sites for syndicating at the category level.

As your releases will appear in Google News and other media hubs, we’ll make sure you also capitalize on optimized content and keyword-rich anchor text links that we incorporate within your release. Your news release is also your opportunity to share embedded videos, images and links to showcase your product and services pages.

Our service enhances the ability of your site to establish valuable and often permanent incoming links to various levels within the site which will enhance overall site-wide link equity.  Intrapromote utilizes major newswires, social media release syndication sites and online newsrooms to provide you with maximum return on your investment.

This service is much more than writing and syndicating. We know how to get links into releases and we know how to maximize the search potential of each release so they appear prominently in today’s robust search engine results page.

Contact Us with questions or for examples of Intrapromote produced optimized press releases.  You can also request a call or use our toll free number to connect.

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