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Mobile Optimization

Where’s the nearest deli? The nearest ATM? The nearest hospital? Potential customers are asking those questions, but it’s becoming more and more unlikely that they’re asking from their desktop machines. Instead, they’re using their phones at a stoplight or while they’re walking down the street.

Knowing this, ask yourself: Is your website optimized for the best mobile user experience possible?

With users in a constant state of motion, your goal is to get your message out in front of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that while SEO best practices still apply, it’s the design and content format of the mobile site that will be more critical to its success.

For mobile website strategies that include a mobile version created on a subdomain, we use mobile keyword research to optimize this content specifically for mobile search behavior.

Mobile users with iPhones, Droids, and Blackberry devices are already using your desktop site as a mobile site. The question is, what kind of mobile experience are they having?

In our experience, we generally come to the following conclusions with every site we look at that doesn’t have a mobile-specific component:

  • Users are leaving because your site is taking too long to load
  • Users are having a hard time getting through to your site
  • Users are leaving without doing what you want them to do

As of the end of 2013, 56% of all people on earth own a smart phone and 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary internet source. Is your website accessible to this new emerging market?

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SEO Campaign Elements

Web Site Audit (Core #1)

This is where most of our search campaigns begin. You’ll come away with dozens of ways your site can more efficiently communicate its value to search engines – and thus, to searchers.

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Search Engine Optimization (Core #2)

Our organic SEO campaigns are designed to not only improve the traffic and search results presence of your website, but also to enhance the overall quality of the user experience.

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Content Marketing For Search (Core #3)

Set your brand apart by telling its story. Having great content to share around the web is a key factor in online success, which is precisely why we want to help you use your content to tell your brand’s story.

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KPI Reporting (Core #4)

Measuring success is only useful if you’re using the right measuring stick. We can help you define and set appropriate and unique KPIs and then craft a winning strategy to achieve your online marketing goals.

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Training & Consulting

Not everyone needs or wants a full SEO campaign. Trainings and consultations are a great alternative for those looking to increase their own (and their staff’s) knowledge and understanding of today’s SEO practices.

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Digital PR

Digital PR is the act of directly connecting your consumers with your marketing content, events and products. It spans across SEO, social media and content marketing and gives meaning to the idea of integrated marketing.

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Local Optimization

If your business has a location, you need optimized local listings. There’s no question about it. Local search results are simply too valuable to overlook a second longer.

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Mobile Optimization

Our mobile optimization ensures that mobile users are getting the same high quality experience that traditional desktop users get when visiting your site. As mobile usage increases, so too does the importance of having a well-optimized mobile website.

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