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Online Risk Management

Protect your sensitive data online with our four phase information security solution

The Web has matured and so has your place in it. Twitter, Facebook, ratings, reviews, forum comments…Your brand is spread widely across the Internet, open to interpretation by consumers who search for you. When they search, what do they see?

If you are worried that your first page of Google results shows negative listings, that is often just the visible portion of a much larger problem. Your company’s sensitive data is also residing on third party sites, and that is not only open to interpretation, but to threats that can compromise your company’s security.

Intrapromote has developed a four phase strategy to protect your brand from harm and keep your sensitive data private. Our Online Risk Management service is the perfect complement to your Intrapromote Integrated Search Campaign. This service is a comprehensive and customized two year engagement that delivers these advantages:

  • Consultative, Strategic Foundation: Identifies your sensitive data where it resides online through extensive research and coordination with your company.
  • Action Focus: Sensitive data is isolated and locked down from public view.
  • Rigorous Monitoring and Vigilance: We remove your sensitive data from external sources using our proactive data subordination and removal process.
  • Ongoing Security Maintenance: This is the “online security guard” portion of the service that provides ongoing data security; identifying and dealing with threats across third party websites and social networks.

Our Online Risk Management service offers the perfect complement to big brands and organizations who want a real end-to-end online marketing solution. It is delivered by IP, the digital marketing leader big brands and large non-profits trust with their Internet promotion campaigns.

Add Online Risk Management to your organization’s Integrated Search Campaign today.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about online risk management.  Give us a call, request a call or contact us to learn more.