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Integrated Search & Social Media

Search Engine and Social Media OptimizationWhat can happen with a customized strategy that integrates our Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing services? This “perfect harmony”, multi-disciplinary approach we call Integrated Search is our speciality.

The goal of Integrated Search is to make sure your site has a presence in every possible content area on a search results page. Our Integrated clients see higher conversions and ROI as we amplify web site visibility and capitalize on the diverse format of today’s search engine results page.

Your company may have implemented any number of separate SEO and paid search campaigns or some link development and social media marketing efforts. Isn’t it time for them to work together in one cohesive, game-changing strategy that ensures that regardless of how or where people are searching, they’ll find, engage and convert with your brand?

The expectation we have of our SEO and Social Media campaigns is one of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. With full data sharing and a unified strategy, they work together … in perfect harmony.

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