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Learn how the IP Team is enhancing brands just like yours.

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With well over a decade of industry experience under our belt, we’ve become well known for our custom, consultative online marketing services as well as our expertise and dedication to best practice Search Engine OptimizationSocial Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Regardless of the specific type or duration of campaigns we offer, the intended impact is the same: To help our clients overcome obstacles standing between them and the growth of qualified visitors who reach their sites. We pride ourselves on having a boutique agency style that allows us to specialize in creating custom campaigns that tackle the unique problems faced by each of our clients.

Our search campaigns are anchored by a comprehensive, technical Web Site Audit which reveals in great detail exactly how search engines view your site and the obstacles to organic performance. Our search team then takes this knowledge and uses it as a roadmap to optimizing your site for search engines.

Many of our customers combine our Search, Social and Content Marketing as a multi-disciplinary approach that blends your branded assets to capitalize on the diverse format of today’s robust search results page.

We look forward to hearing about the dreams and aspirations you have for your site – and how we can help you reach them.

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Search Engine Optimization Campaign

From keywords to results, IP knows how to make organic search a booming part of your business.

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Social Media Campaign

Real social media marketing goes beyond likes and retweets. We can show you just how far it can go.

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Content Marketing Campaign

Your brand has a story to tell. We help you tell it online.

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Social Media Strategy

Learn how IP can craft a Social Media strategy that can help your business in 4 key ways.

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Web Site Audit

Trust your chest pains to whoever promised the fastest, cheapest diagnosis? Nope. Your web site’s organic SEO audit is no different.

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Social Media Audit

Our audit tells you where your social media is, where it can go and how to get there. We’re like a life coach for your social channels.

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