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We Wrote The Book On SEO

SEO Secrets BookIP’s President, Erik Dafforn, co-authored “Search Engine Optimization Secrets” with Danny Dover. In this SEO book, the authors clearly define the key elements of a strong search marketing campaign and reveal the actionable steps that SEO consultants use to gain top placement with the search engines.

This search engine optimization book explores the foundational principles and advanced concepts that have created a convergence of results: higher placement and increased visibility at the forefront of the list. “Search Engine Optimization Secrets” is a must-read search engine book for new and seasoned SEO consultants that want a fresh perspective on SEO and an all-inclusive handbook that unlocks the vault of SEO secrets.

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Our SEO book excerpt reveals the two key factors that search engines use to rank websites and explores how the search engines quantify these concepts into tangible results.

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