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Twitter Best Practices 2014

February 2014

TWITTER_POV-smTwitter is arguably one of the most challenging and tedious social media platforms for several reasons. The most immediate reason is the fact that it requires constant attention since the conversation and trends are always changing. Given the popularity of this ever-evolving platform, it’s critical to know — not to mention be reminded of — the best practices and strategies when it comes to using Twitter.

We hope you enjoy this resource. If you have questions or would like to learn how we can help your brand become exceptional in the online marketplace, contact us today.

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POV Archive

Google's Hummingbird Update

October 2013

hummingbird povWith all the buzz about Google’s Hummingbird Update, business owners everywhere are wondering what it means for their online initiatives and to their consumers. Our Search Team has researched this event and assembled a POV that should help clear up any confusion and point you in the right direction.

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Best Practices for Mobile Site Development and SEO

June 2012

On Wednesday, June 06, 2012, Google announced its updated recommendations for building sites optimized for smartphones. Does this mean the only way to succeed in mobile SEO is by using responsive web design? Absolutely not.

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Google's Penguin Update

May 2012

In late April, Google released “an important algorithm change targeted at webspam.” Named “Penguin” by the industry, this update has had significant organic traffic implications for a small percentage of sites. The purpose of this document is to describe the Penguin update, discuss how to tell whether your site is affected, and recommend next steps to affected sites.

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Facebook Changes for Brands

March 2012

In March 2012, Facebook held its first ever Facebook Marketers Conference at which it revealed major changes for businesses on its platform. In addition to aesthetic changes, Facebook launched a new advertising platform, Reach Generator and several other new advertising models…

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Google Search, plus Your World

January 2012

This week, Google launched an update to its search results that relies heavily on social factors – primarily factors from its own social media channel, Google Plus. This document contains our preliminary thoughts, reactions, and recommendations for clients.

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July 2011

In June of 2011, Google and Bing/Yahoo joined forces to support schema microdata, a new initiative to create a common set of schemas or frameworks for organizing structured data on web pages. A shared markup vocabulary makes it easier for webmasters to implement microdata and get the maximum benefit for their efforts as well as search engines making it easier for people to find relevant information on the web.

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Google+ First Look Guide

July 2011

Google+ has already made quite an impact socially, despite only having been around for just over one month with nearly 25 million registered users. According to Hitwise, Google+ had 1.8 million total visits the second week of July 2012, an increase of 283% from the previous week.

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Indexing Of Consumer-Generated Content

March 2011

Over the last two weeks, an article from ClickZ has received a lot of attention due to its claim about user-generated content (or “UGC” – mostly in the form of customer reviews) and their inability to be indexed on major e-commerce sites.

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Google's Panda Update

March 2011

Earlier this week, Google made an algorithm change designed to take action against sites with shallow and low quality content. In general, there are two types of sites that were affected: “Scraper” Sites and “Content Farms”

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