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Search Engine Optimization Secrets

SEO Secrets BookIP’s President, Erik Dafforn, co-authored Search Engine Optimization Secrets with Danny Dover. In this SEO book, the authors clearly define the key elements of a strong search marketing campaign and reveal the actionable steps that SEO consultants use to gain top placement with the search engines.

This search engine optimization book explores the foundational principles and advanced concepts that have created a convergence of results: higher placement and increased visibility at the forefront of the list. “Search Engine Optimization Secrets” is a must-read search engine book for new and seasoned SEO consultants that want a fresh perspective on SEO and an all-inclusive handbook that unlocks the vault of SEO secrets.

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For Authors & Publishers


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Pinterest Marketing (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

Pinterest Marketing Book Cover - IntrapromoteIP’s former Director of Social Media, Annalise Kaylor, is the Technical Reviewer of “Pinterest Marketing (The Complete Idiot’s Guide)”.

The authors Barbara Boyd and Christine Martinez relied on the expertise of Annalise to double-check the accuracy of the book and to help ensure the book gives readers everything they need to know about boosting their brand’s image on Pinterest.

This book helps small business owners as well as marketing experts at larger companies get on the Pinterest bandwagon and learn how to use this exciting new phenomenon to increase online exposure for their products, strengthen their online presence, and connect with customers in a place where they are now flocking.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the basic features of Pinterest, including setting up an account, creating boards, and pinning images
  • Develop a Pinterest marketing strategy and integrate it with other online and offline presences
  • Project a brand voice onto Pinterest through strategic pinning and writing compelling pin copy
  • Create pins that get repinned
  • Grow a following organically and understand the importance of whom a brand follows
  • Engage an audience through contests, collaborative boards, and more
  • Determine who in the organization will pin, or whether to outsource it
  • Gauge and quantify the success of a brand’s marketing efforts on Pinterest

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