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News from IP, October 2012

Three Pieces of Facebook Data That Are Often Overlooked – October 2012

When it comes to Facebook analytics, there are several items on which most businesses choose to focus – fan count, how many people “like” status updates, and how often a piece of media is shared.  Yet there are several key pieces of information found in Facebook Insights that often go ignored.  Here is a breakdown of several of those Insights and how you can use them to grow your Facebook page.

What the (Not Provided) Metric Means for Analysis – October 2012

Once upon a time, webmasters everywhere had unlimited access to data known as ‘referring keywords’. This data gave invaluable insight as to how users are searching for and finding their site. It was a time of unhindered analytics allowing webmasters to better integrate these referring keywords to help increase organic traffic, improve conversion rates and make the online user experience the best it could be. Then, back in October of 2011, Google released a major update that would take away a large portion of this data leaving webmasters scratching their heads as they stare at the same analytics with upwards of half of all organic traffic coming from a new keyword – (not provided).

News from IP, August 2012

Search and Social: Customer Service Tools

Search: Red Carpet, White Glove – August 2012

When you think of customer service, does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) come to mind? Most likely not, but perhaps it should. In this article, you’ll discover how IP leverages SEO as a customer service tool.

Community Managers Must Use Value-Based Listening for Success – August 2012

Community managers wear multiple hats. To name a few: The nurturer, the brand evangelist, the customer advocate, the cheerleader, and the sometimes forgotten customer service representative. Customer service requests and issues are great opportunities for a company to showcase its ability to build and create a community; on the other hand, it can have adverse results if handled incorrectly. The ultimate risk is not knowing of the issues and allowing negative word-of-mouth messaging or online “vigilantes” to steal from your brand value.

News from IP, July 2012

Google Plus Goes Local

Google+ and Local: Places, Reviews and Engagement – July 2012

I have been a staunch critic of Google+ and its operations since its launch in June of 2011.  Some of my key criticisms were actually more focused on the social network landscape from a broad perspective; how will Google+ play in an industry with a clear leader (Facebook), and an oversaturation of niche platforms? Could recent changes to Google+ and Google Local change my mind?

Google Places Becomes Google+ Local – July 2012

Just recently Google made yet another play to try and integrate the Google+ social platform with your everyday tasks. By integrating Google+ with Places pages, Google is bringing a social aspect to a service that many people rely on regularly to get from point A to point B. With this integration comes the first wave of new features that were introduced with the Google+ Local pages.

News from IP, April 2012

Facebook’s EdgeRank & Google Makes Changes (Again) 

Big Changes at Google Means Business As Usual at Intrapromote – April 2012

Even for Google, a company that adjusts its algorithm hundreds of times per year, it’s been a busy few months. Despite its market share of searches showing no signs of dropping, Google nevertheless continues with its steady stream of changes that both horrify and delight webmasters, CEOs and marketing managers.

Quick Guide to Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank – April 2012

Most of your Facebook fans never see your updates. Don’t believe me? Then believe Facebook, which earlier this year confirmed that on average, only 16% of a Page’s fans see its status updates. When a user logs into Facebook, the first thing they see if their News Feed. Every action that their friends have taken, such as liking a page, commenting on a status update, posting their own status update, or tagging a photo creates an “Edge.” Since Facebook News Feeds would be overwhelming if everything that every single friend did showed up in every News Feed, an algorithm was created to soart and rank the edges, showing each user only the edges that are top-ranked for each user. This algorithm is called “EdgeRank.”

News from IP, March 2012

Facebook Timeline for Brands & The Evolution of Link Development

The New Frontier Of Link Development – March 2012
Google’s complex and dynamic algorithm has had a long-standing love affair with links. The best practice process of acquiring links, or what we call Foundational Link Development (FLD), has been around for many years, but algorithmic changes are forcing Link Development’s evolution. Welcome to the new frontier of Link Development. A three-tiered strategy that will keep your link building from staying one-dimensional.

Facebook Timeline Changes – What You Need to Know – March 2012
It never fails. Just as you start to get comfortable with Facebook’s layout and functionality, they switch it up again. Recently, Facebook announced, among other things, that all Pages would be transitioned to the Timeline format by the end of this month. Between the layout change and new ad functionality, are you prepared for what’s coming on Facebook?