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About IP Old

A 14-Year-Old Company In A 14-Year-Old Industry

IP is a digital marketing agency specializing in Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Search, and Usability/Conversion Optimization.

IP was founded in 1999 — the year Google was founded — when engines like AltaVista and Lycos were the industry’s biggest players. Our journey through the chronology of Search and Social Media mirrors the birth and maturation of those industries themselves.

We continue to evolve right along with our industry and we know what issues merit further discussion, and which are among the daily hype spat out to attract clicks. We know the difference between myth and reality, and we know the difference between faddish techniques and core best practices. We know this because we’ve been observing, learning, and contributing to this industry for well over a decade. And with age comes a ridiculous amount of experience and insight that you can take advantage of as a client.

Our long-term perspective  helps our clients to discern between monumental changes to the industry, and changes that are only designed to fill a headline. For instance, when “personalized” results were released in Google’s results several years ago, some in the industry called them “cataclysmic” for SEO. We begged to differ, because we recognized how they would — and wouldn’t — change the results page landscape. And wouldn’t you know it, we were right.

IP has been recognized by Forrester as a Top 20 Search Specialist Agency for Enterprise level SEO.  Our agency has been the recipient of numerous industry awards. Our thought-leading staff include pioneers in the Search Marketing field and  have authored best selling books on the subject of Search.