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Over 1,000 happy customers and counting since 1999

Brands We’ve Optimized

IP Optimized Brands 1,000+

IP has worked with over 1,000 companies and is proud of the success we’ve brought to them. Representing a vast array of companies from small family businesses to global empires, our client list is a collection of companies representing dozens of industries and niche markets across three continents.

Here is a small sample of the companies and brands that have benefited from our services since 1999:

The Cleveland Clinic


  • "Our company launched a new website in the spring of 2013. With Intrapromote’s help, we increased overall organic search traffic by approximately 14%, non-branded search traffic by 88% and traffic to some pages by 92%! It has been a pleasure to work with the team at IP. Their high level of professionalism and expertise have provided outstanding results."
    Julie D. Collins, Corporate Brand Manager at 21st Century Oncology
  • "I have worked with Intrapromote for a while now and I am a happy client! I chose to commit for a year to improve my web site's ranking. I rely on my web site for 90% of my business. That means I pay monthly for high expectations. As a sole proprietor, that is a major decision for me. My rankings have increased significantly since I started and they continue to improve! With rugged competition in my field of team building, that is amazing. And my desired outcomes are going up. I am getting significantly more activity on my web site and it shows with my increased income. From November 2007 to November 2008, my traffic went up 630%. I use natural SEO; I do not use pay-per-click. I use Intrapromote not only to increase my search engine rankings, I use them to maintain them. That was my biggest decision and it was a great one! I highly recommend Intrapromote's team. They are highly qualified, easy to work with, and they flat out get results."
    Larry Lipman, Chief Fun Officer at Fun Team Building
  • "When we began working with Intrapromote in the beginning of 2006, we were a bit skeptical. However, recognizing the immense value of search engine traffic to us, we engaged Intrapromote in the hopes that they could help us edge out even higher performance. To our delight, our SEO campaigns have considerably outperformed our expectations, and revenue from search engine referrals has grown over 300%. While many companies have struggled with frequent SERP changes in major engines over the past couple of years, Intrapromote has consistently delivered stellar results for us through their expertise, commitment to personal service, and timely responsiveness."
    Brendan Sherar, Founder of Biblio
  • "Intrapromote has been a great partner in helping us to redirect and focus our efforts. They began with a social audit then optimized our properties and worked with us to execute a social media and content marketing strategy that supported our goals, built and engaged our community and expanded our brand awareness."
    Beth Johnson, Director of Marketing at Reading Truck Body
  • "Intrapromote has been a great partner to improve our search visibility during our major brand conversion. With the guidance offered, we were able to consolidate several hospital sites into one and see a significant increase in traffic within the first year."
    Lisa Immekus, Product Manager at Sisters of Mercy
  • "We were using a different company a while back to do some SEO related work to our site. Unfortunately for us we got banned from Google which took our daily visitors from almost 6,000 per day to 3,000 overnight. We did everything we could, but just couldn’t get back into Google for more than a year. Fortunately we found Intrapromote and several months later, they helped us with our Google issues and our site rankings are climbing every day."
    Clint Ethington at Pedata
  • Intrapromote has been a valued partner for our agency since our first large-scale SEO project nearly six years ago. During the time we’ve worked together, we’ve seen as much as a sevenfold increase in monthly algorithmic search referrals for our clients – covering a far larger set of keywords than we had ever expected. In addition to their seasoned expertise and track-record for great results, their flexibility in adapting to client-specific needs and processes really sets them apart. We’d be hard-pressed to name another business partner who so effectively balances specialized knowledge and experience with the type of personal touch which can really help get the most out of a project.
    Mike Margolin, SVP & Director of Media Strategy at RPA
  • “Intrapromote is meticulous, diligent, thoughtful and astute. They studied our industry and added great value, so that we could remain focused on growing our core business.”
    Griffin Weiler, Manager of Business Development at The Milestone Aviation Group
  • "I have enjoyed the work and relationship with Intrapromote over the last year. The team has helped us reshape our thinking and has shown us valuable ways of increasing traffic to our site and expanding our reputation."
    Martin Sickafoose, Director of Digital Marketing at Purdue University
  • "Intrapromote is a great partner for search optimization, social media, and content development. They helped us increase profitable sales with our online brands by increasing qualified traffic and leads."
    Matt Ruggle, Marketing / E-Commerce Manager at Great Northern Corp.

Vertical Experience

Medical / Healthcare


We have significant experience in the medical vertical and in the sub-category of medical information. Following is a list of present and former clients in these categories, along with the type of work we perform with them.

  • Journal Watch. SEO for medical information journals, reporting and diagnostics, 2005-2009.
  • ChemoCare. SEO for content on cancer treatment (patient-side), 2003-2009.
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology (Cancer.Net). Full Site Audit, various projects. 2008-2010.
  • Cleveland Clinic. SEO for health information, local optimization, 2009-present.
  • Mercy Health System. SEO for general organization, domain and location architecture consolidation, local optimization, social media, crisis management, 2011-present.
  • 21st Century Oncology. SEO (general and local) for multi-location radiation therapy centers, physician reputation management, 2012-present.



Following are examples of clients we’ve worked with in the publishing arena:

  • WROX Publishing. Work on ASP Wiki and various consultational projects. 2010.
  • Carus Publishing (Cricket Magazine). Social Media audit and short-term projects. 2012.
  • Four Seasons Magazine. SEO for travel & destination-based web/print publication, 2009-present.
  • Road and Travel Magazine. Content optimization for consumer automotive enthusiast vertical, 2007-2008.
  • Journal Watch. Full SEO and reporting, 2004-2009.


From heads in beds to the digital hospitality revolution, Intrapromote has helped top brands like Four Seasons reach and delight their customers through online channels for almost as long as we’ve been a company.


In the increasingly competitive world of automotive marketing, the company who comfortably navigates the digital space has an edge. We’ve helped companies like American Honda maintain that edge for many years.