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The who, what & why of Intrapromote

About Intrapromote

Our Mission

To partner with great brands and make them exceptional online through best practice online marketing tactics, thought leadership, support and bottom-line results.

Who We Are

Intrapromote is a specialized and integrated SearchSocial Media and Content Marketing Agency that gets documented results.

The IP Team is made up of smart business minds, thought leaders in the industry and represents some of the most creative and experienced individuals in SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing today.

What We Do

The IP Team is a mix of search engine optimization, social media and content marketing experts that are focused on helping you achieve results in a cost-effective way.

IP creates custom strategies for each client, depending on whether you’re a large brand with hundreds of brick & mortar locations, or an aggressive startup just launching. We offer:
  • Comprehensive, enterprise-level organic website analysis and optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • Google+ and maps optimization
Our Social Media team builds campaigns around strategy, not Likes and Shares. We offer the following services:
  • Long-term social planning
  • Crisis management planning and execution
  • Community and channel management
  • In-house staff training
Your brand has a story to tell. We help you tell it online with the following services:
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Content creation & partnership management
  • Content management
  • Content awareness and promotion
  • Content measurement and analysis
Are your search, social and content marketing campaigns really working together? Do your social profiles help bolster branded searches, and does your content architecture properly express your message to engines and humans alike? Contact us to find out.

Who We Work With

We’ve been effectively optimizing web sites for search engines for almost as long as search engines have existed. Founded in 1999, we work with brands like Honda, Cleveland Clinic, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Purdue University and Matco Tools – and plenty of small to medium-sized businesses.

In addition, we work as hired muscle for some of the largest full-service agencies in the world. In fact, dozens of Fortune 500 brands have benefited from our services and don’t even know it.

We work equally well regardless of whether we’re reporting to an already-established marketing team, or when we ARE the marketing team. We work with finesse, knowing that we’re part of a larger mission, and knowing that the world doesn’t stop and start based on what “the SEO guys” say. In other words, we’re very good at creating solutions that incorporate the demands of sophisticated audience expectations, business rules, and a lean, rigorous development schedule.

Our Approach

The IP approach is based on a data-driven, results-oriented premise that encourages all team members to look at a project from a holistic perspective rather than focus on only one component.

The integration focus of IP is the cornerstone of our marketing philosophy that insists that the “parts” working together will always make the “whole” a more powerful online vehicle.

We strive for greatness and while we may be happy with good results, we are never satisfied completely and have a drive to make good brands extraordinary online.

Our History

Intrapromote was founded in 1999 and has included Search Engine Optimization in its list of services from the first day. Fifteen years ago, we considered it essential that clients ensure that their sites were optimized for the “Big Six” search engines, which accounted for over 90% of all search engine traffic:


Today, much has changed. Google represents 90% of most sites’ organic search traffic, and if you’d toss out terms to a ‘90s SEO such as “canonical,” “pagination,” or “parameter-handling,” you’d get a blank stare.

On the other hand, in some ways, little has changed. People still search for things, and we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. We’ve weathered a decade of “SEO is dead” hysteria, and our clients consider us a valuable part of their marketing teams.

For the last seven years, IP’s twin core competencies have been Organic Search and Social Media Marketing. Our clients are a blend of companies for whom we perform one or both tasks. We work equally well regardless of whether we’re reporting to an already-established marketing team, or when we ARE the marketing team. We work with finesse, knowing that we’re part of a larger mission, and knowing that the world doesn’t stop and start based on what “the SEO guys” say. In other words, we’re very good at creating solutions that incorporate the demands of sophisticated audience expectations, business rules, and a lean, rigorous development schedule.

Our long-term perspective helps our clients to discern between monumental changes to the industry, and changes that are only designed to fill a headline. We continue to evolve right along with our industry and we know what issues merit further discussion, and which are among the daily hype spat out to attract clicks. We know the difference between faddish techniques and core best practices. We know this because we’ve been observing, learning, and contributing to this industry for well over a decade. And with age comes a ridiculous amount of experience and insight that you can take advantage of as a client.

Our Culture

IP was built on the philosophy that great people can do great things when they are given the freedom to grow.

The culture at IP is fueled by the fact that you get out of an organization what you put into it. Relying on our core values of Integrity, Growth, Vision, Connection and Helpfulness, IP has grown into a world-class agency that attracts talent from all over the world.

Our leadership is charged with identifying every opportunity that allows IP to make an impact on our local and online communities. With a strong belief system like this, it’s no wonder that IP has been as successful as it has been over the years.

What Makes IP Different?

erik-smx-2We know you don’t hire a company; you hire people. Our people make IP an industry-leading organization with the utmost value and importance placed on maintaining solid client relationships.

IP is a search agency made up of experts in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Our company structure is unique in the industry since our team members are both experts in their respective core disciplines as well as cross-trained to thoroughly understand the effects of a truly integrated search campaign. This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • How social media impacts algorithmic search
  • The effects of search on social media patterns and content dissemination
  • How services are intertwined, such as location-based social applications and local search

Most agencies in our industry have “specialists” that are mainly — if not only — focused on a subset of search. Our internal cross-training policy allows team members to understand search and social media together and how each individual component works with the others to achieve maximized results in search engines and social media hubs alike.

Even though SEO is a blend of off- and on-page initiatives in which our “Search” team is well-versed, each dedicated individual will have his or her own unique skill set in the areas of Site Architecture, Link Development, Content Optimization, Code Optimization, Web Analytics & Social Media Marketing.

Many of our team members and their expertise are featured on The IP Blog.

Meet The Team

We’ve always been tailors in a world of off-the-rack.

This makes it very difficult when someone asks us, “What does a typical report look like?” or “What’s your typical process?” We have processes and reports, but “typical” isn’t a word we use very often in terms of our client scenarios, because there is no typical client.

From before the time we kick off a campaign, we’ll be asking questions about how you gauge success, what you expect from your partners, and how we can best fit into your organization. What’s your dev cycle? What are the brand requirements? Do you have a style and conventions guide? When we make recommendations, what is the process like for implementing them on the site? And so on.

apollo-13There’s an applicable, memorable scene in “Apollo 13,” in which the ground crew learns it has to fashion an air purification system from a limited roster of parts. Every client has a different set of parts, and while these parts may limit or enhance our ability to perform exceptional work, we don’t like to look at them as “good” parts or “bad” parts. They’re simply parts, and all we ask is to know what they are, so we can get to work and create a blueprint for success within your organization.

Our maturity allows us to train our clients for a marathon and avoid the scuffle of the sprint.

We know, for example, that Google’s core product isn’t Adwords, and it’s not display impressions. Google’s core product is relevance. We help clients be the most relevant answer to a search queries question. We would never suggest anything to a client that we wouldn’t openly and proudly discuss with a Google quality engineer.

Our experience provides us with a perspective that begins practically at the dawn of search engines themselves. With Google producing an average of two algorithmic changes per day, we know the difference between changes that our clients need to pay attention to, and changes that simply make for good SEO articles.

We are proud to be a multi-year Premier Agency Partner and 2012 OMMA winner for SEO results for Honda. In addition, Forrester has named us a Top 20 Specialist Agency for Enterprise Level SEO.

Winner Of The 2012 OMMA Award for Best Search Marketing (SEO Campaign)
In 2012, IP added this prestigious award to our trophy case for our SEO work with American Honda. The campaign focused on improving the visibility of the Honda Automobiles site in Google Image Search and resulted in an increase in visits by more than 590%. Read more about this award or read our case study.

An American Honda Premier Partner for Quality, Value & Customer Service
Honda Award SEO AgencyWhat’s better than winning the Automotove Industry’s top partnership award? Winning it twice! IP is proud to have received American Honda’s Premier Partner Award in 2005 and 2012. Selected from over 1,000 companies and based on nominations from American Honda associates, this award is presented to 15 American Honda suppliers who demonstrate excellence in quality, value, and customer service.

A Forrester Top 20 Search Specialist Agency for Enterprise SEO
In 2011, Forrester Research gave us a “Top 20 Search Specialist Agency” nod for Enterprise Level Search with vertical specialty in Automotive & Health Care.

You’ll see the names of our staff on top selling industry books like Pinterest MarketingSEO Secrets and Search Engine Visibility.

Intrapromote Books 2012

“Special thanks are extended to Annalise Kaylor. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing was reviewed by an expert who double-checked the accuracy of what you’ll learn here, to help us ensure that this book gives you everything you need to know about boosting your brand’s image on Pinterest.”

~ Barbara Boyd and Christine Martinez, Authors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing

“I cannot imagine doing search engine optimization (SEO) without the contributions of the experts at Intrapromote. Having SEO pioneers as technical editors is a great honor.”

“With so many SEO professionals to choose from, how do you select a technical editor for your optimization book? Search engine optimization has many different facets and approaches. I needed a true SEO expert like Erik Dafforn who understands the nuances, common myths and misconceptions, technical and non-technical issues, and the current and future impact of all of these items.

There are true experts and wannabe experts. I got the true SEO expert in Erik. His contributions and insights to Search Engine Visibility were invaluable. Erik will be one of my technical editors for future search books. He is that talented. He is that knowledgeable. I am looking forward to working with him again.”

~ Shari Thurow, Author of Search Engine Visibility & When Search Meets Web Usability

Attention Authors & Publishers:
Are you an author or publisher that needs a technical or expert reviewer of your manuscript? Contact us about having an Intrapromote expert join your team!