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thumb-instagram-povInstagram Best Practices 2014

Point Of ViewSeptember 2014

With 200 million active monthly users, 16 billion shared photos, and 1 billion likes each day, Instagram’s photo / video-sharing and editing platform is one of the fastest growing and most user-engaging social media channels today.

We hope you enjoy this resource. If you have questions or would like to learn how we can help your brand become exceptional in the online marketplace, contact us today.

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SEO for Purdue University

What does a University do to increase traffic to their site for major non-branded keywords and for prospective students and education decision makers outside their major geographic area?

Purdue partnered with IP and here are some of our results!

  • Non-branded, non-Midwest site traffic up 255% YOY
  • Traffic from California up 79%, New York up 104% & Massachusetts 74%
  • Traffic from China up 32%, Canada up 105% & UK up 136%
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8 Things You Didn’t Know About PPC & SEO


PPC advertising is when an advertiser is charged when a user clicks their ad (versus just showing the ad). SEO is about getting a website found and ranking high on search engine results pages. You’re a digital advertiser…you already know this stuff right?

Actually, there’s probably quite a few things you know about each of these mediums, so we won’t be focusing on how to do PPC or SEO in this webinar, but rather on things that you may not know. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran digital marketer, one of these 8 things just might be the key to help boost performance for your accounts.

Join Intrapromote and Hanapin experts, Erik Dafforn and Jacob Fairclough, as they each go through their perspective areas in PPC and SEO and discuss different tips and strategies that you didn’t know about.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage SEO to help your PPC
  • How to use CPC and CTR for better SEO
  • How to use SEO and PPC to find the best keywords for your account
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The IP Sync Podcast is LIVE!

Latest Podcast Episode

photo-1-1-300x300This week we’re continuing our discussion on analytics and what you should pay attention to and resources that are available to you as you learn how to use these tools and make them work for you. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to last week’s episode, you should stop and do that since this is a continuation of that chat.

Last week we covered what to watch and why we think it’s important to watch them. This week we’re more into the “how” of analytics. What tools we use and are most familiar with, ways to get up to speed on those tools and resources that we’ve found helpful along our path to metric geekdom.

In this episode, we mentioned the following items:

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A Few Brands We've Optimized


We are proud to be a multi-year Premier Agency Partner and OMMA Winner for SEO results for Honda. In addition, Forrester has named us a Top 20 Specialist Agency for Enterprise Level SEO.


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